Walk a mile in my shoes

Today is day 1 of the Global Corporate Challenge – a venture that my employers have signed up to in order to encourage staff to be healthier and fitter.  I thought it might be a good idea to give it a go.  The general idea is that those taking part (in teams of seven) will use a device called a ‘pulse’ to record the number of steps they take each day for 100 days.  The idea of working in a team is to have people of mixed fitness levels to compete against other teams in order to increase their fitness and wellbeing.

I’ve eagerly been waiting for my pulse device to arrive, and, as the launch day came closer, it looked increasingly unlikely that I would have it in time to record my steps for the first day of the challenge.  The devices still haven’t arrived, so for the moment, I’m using my phone to record the steps.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t particularly have much enthusiasm to start the challenge – especially as I don’t have the pulse device yet.  I considered walking to work for a moment, but as the weather was looking pretty miserable I put it off – maybe tomorrow!

I made a feeble effort to start recording my steps by going to the supermarket (in the car, of course), but parked as far from the store as I could so I could get a few steps done.  I made sure that I walked down as many aisles as possible, and then took the seemingly endless walk back to the car with the shopping I’d purchased, then drove back home again.

Briefly, I reconsidered walking to work, but realised I would arrive even later than normal if I decided to walk, so I took the easy option and drove.

My first real effort to try and get a few steps recorded was at lunchtime, when I decided to go for a walk.  It was raining – not the best weather for day one.  I decided to walk for about half an hour or so.  I knew I wouldn’t get much done, and was surprised to find that by the time I arrived back at work looking like a drowned rat, my steps were slowly starting to notch up.

While I was walking, I had the idea of documenting my challenge by writing about it in this blog, and perhaps adding a few photos here and there from my walks.  If it’s like my photography blogging, I will possibly give up within a few days, but at the moment, I am motivated.

I decided to do a bit more walking immediately after work, and took the same journey that I’d done at lunchtime. I figured that if I did the same as lunchtime, I’d be about three quarters of the way towards my 10,000 step target.

Starting my second journey away from work, I was pretty fed up. Once again, it was raining – heavily.  I walked the same route as before, and when I got to the furthest point, I thought I would do just a bit more before turning back again.  I carried on, and before I knew it, it was going to be easier to continue walking all the way home.

I’ve done pretty well today, and easily exceeded my target.  Whether I will keep it up remains to be seen, but at least I’ve made a positive start.

Because my car is still at work, I now must walk to work tomorrow. I just hope it’s not raining!



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