Don’t stop me now!

Day 3 of the Global Corporate Challenge and I’m still walking (and even more remarkably, still blogging).  I picked up my ‘Pulse’ device from work today, so I can now finally start tracking my steps from tomorrow using the recommended equipment.  I’d already done over 1,000 steps before I called in at work, so I decided it was better to continue tracking my activity for the rest of the day using my phone.

As today is one of my ‘non-working days’, it was good to have a rest this morning and not have to consider getting up early and walking to work.  The downside, is that the day presented little opportunity to do any walking without making a determined effort.  My wife and I already had plans to go out this afternoon, so I couldn’t do it then.  By the time I got back home and had eaten, I really didn’t feel like making an effort to get the steps I needed.  I was really tired, and could have fallen asleep at the drop of a hat.

My wife suggested that she came out with me, and we would walk about a mile or so to the local pub, have a drink and then come back again.  Even that didn’t give me the enthusiasm I needed, but nevertheless, I forced myself to get ready.

Pushing my wife in her wheelchair can be hard work at times, mainly because the paths can be so uneven.  We set off, and it was a lovely sunny evening – quite cool, but pleasant.  Pushing Angela in her wheelchair quickly got me working up a sweat as we started our journey, but the cool air was refreshing enough to make me decide that perhaps we could take a longer route.

We ended up walking about 4 miles in total.  By the time we got to the pub, I was ready for a drink. We sat outside in the beer garden.  Angela had a diet Pepsi and I had a lemonade.  Sitting outside was quite nice, but by that time, there was a breeze getting up.  When we’d finished our drinks, we were both starting to turn cold, so we set off on the last mile or so back home.  I was tired when we got back, and my feet ache a bit tonight, but I really feel as though I’m achieving something by continuing to put the effort in each day.  I’ve exceeded my 10,000 step target quite easily today, even though it was looking unlikely earlier this evening.

We have made plans to go out together on Sunday evening if the weather is reasonable.  I just hope I can get enough steps done tomorrow without too much effort.

My team mates still haven’t entered steps for day 2 yet – so only two of us have recorded our activities so far. Because of this, we continue to slip further down the leaderboard in comparison to the other teams from work.  I’m hoping that now the ‘pulse’ devices have arrived, the entire team will get recording their steps next week.  For now, I’m just concentrating on doing my bit and so I’m not too bothered about the competition against other teams.


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