Sit down

I had a feeling that day 4 of the Global Corporate Challenge would be tough.  The soles of my feet are always hot, my ankles ache and my legs are a little bit stiff, so the challenge of walking any great distance today was definitely going to be a struggle.

By the early evening, I’d only achieved a couple of thousand steps, so to get another eight thousand this evening seemed impossible.  I really didn’t want to go for a walk tonight, but forced myself to get up and give it a try.

It didn’t take long before I was out of breath, with sore feet and a complete lack of motivation.  The weather was much more pleasant than I’d expected, so by the time I got onto Inglemire Lane away from most of the traffic, it was nice to take in the peace and tranquility.  I stood and watched the horses in the field for a few moments and then continued my journey up towards Cottingham.  It was tough… real tough.  Each step seemed like a tremendous effort.

I was therefore thankful to see a seat near a bus stop, just before I reached the West Bulls pub.  It was wonderful to sit down for a couple of minutes and get my breath back.  As I sat there, I saw a man walking up with a couple of dogs.  The dogs looked old and tired, and I could imagine exactly how they felt.  I fussed one of the dogs as it trundled past me, and it turned back to stay for a fuss.  It sat down and I spoke to the owner while stroking the dog.  The second dog became jealous at this point, and also came up for a fuss.  Not to be outdone, the first dog climbed up, and threw its front paws around my leg and started getting frisky, much to the owner’s embarrassment.  The dog obviously had a lot more energy than I had!

At this point, I decided to resume my journey and walked along Bricknell Avenue, and once again, I was relieved when I found something else to momentarily distract me from my walk.  I called in to the local Tesco Express and bought myself a Cornetto ice cream.  I very rarely eat ice cream, so this was a pleasant change for me.  I stopped and took a couple of bites before continuing the journey, but felt much better walking and enjoying the mint choc chip ice cream at the same time.

The walk down Fairfax avenue seemed long, so I counted the steps until I got bored and lost count.  The final stretch down Hall Road seemed longer than ever before, but I’d done the walk in a reasonable amount of time, despite all the stops and distractions.  It was good to get home and have a shower before settling down in front of the TV for the rest of the evening – I felt I deserved it.

It’s almost time for bed, and I’m still about 300 steps short of the 10,000 target for today.  I’ll try and walk around the house as much as I can to reach the goal before bedtime.  I hope tomorrow is a bit easier.


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