Seaside Shuffle

My wife (Angela) and I wanted to make the most of the weekend by going somewhere for a ride out this weekend.  Our friends Linda and Andy came with us to Bridlington and this was an ideal opportunity for me to get a few steps in for day 5 of the Global Corporate Challenge. I’d already done a couple of thousand steps this morning while Angela was at Church.  I’d been to do the shopping and got a couple of other jobs done at home before going back to meet her.  When we contacted Linda and Andy, they didn’t have any better suggestions, so off we wen to pick them up and we headed on our way to Brid.


After a pleasant journey there, we parked up at the North Bay, and took a steady walk along the sea front and the fun fair area.  It was a windy day, but not too cold.  Loads of people were there (as I would have expected on a Bank Holiday weekend), but at least it was still reasonably easy to navigate through the crowds pushing Angela’s wheelchair.  We stopped from time to time to watch the people on the rides.  I was keeping my (hot) feet firmly on the ground today.


We walked along the harbour and watched the ever-popular pirate ship come in briefly, before taking another set of passengers off for a quick trip around the bay for 10 minutes before returning  again for some more families to take out.


I was getting into my stride by this time – walking around Bridlington seemed almost effortless by having people to talk to and things to see while I was walking.  I was thoroughly enjoying the afternoon out.  We decided o walk further along the harbour.  Andy, Linda and Angela decided to get an ice-cream, so I took a walk up the steps back onto the main road to get myself some crisps to eat from Marks & Spencer.  I returned to the harbour to find they were still waiting to be served.  Once they had got their ice-creams, we sat on the harbour wall watching the children around us with their faces smothered in ice-cream while the seagulls avidly watched for anyone dropping chips for them to snatch.


I pushed Angela up the steep slope (with Linda’s help) back onto the main road again, and nearly had a heart attack from pushing.  It was particularly steep as we reached the top, and a real struggle to do those last few steps.  Someone watching us had a great laugh watching Linda and I both turn purple as we made the last push to get Angela to the top.

I got my breath back as we walked back along the seafront, and Andy decided he wanted some fish and chips.  He called in to get some, and I followed a couple of minutes later to get something for Angela. We waited, and waited.  And then we waited some more.  And then a bit longer.  Finally, Andy placed the order.  By this time, Linda and Angela had both turned cold and come in to warm up a bit.  The sat in the cafe area while we waited to get served.  I’ve never known such slow service.  I’ve no idea how they cope when it gets really busy.  If I’d been on my own, I would have given up waiting and gone somewhere else instead.

After Angela and Andy finished eating, we took another walk back along the seafront and called in the newly opened Leisure Centre.  It looks really good inside.  We had a quick drink and watched the swimmers for a few minutes before taking the final walk back to the car.  By this time, it was blowing a gale and bitterly cold.  We were all glad to get back to the car to warm up.

I’d walked exactly 9000 steps when we got back to the car, so thankfully, it left me with just a thousand left to reach my target before the end of the day.  I should easily reach the 10,000 today – and for once, it hasn’t felt like hard work.  Shuffling around Bridlington at a fairly relaxed pace has made it so much more pleasurable.  I wish all walks were as good as today.  I’ve had a lovely day with great company.



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