Time is on my side

I’m struggling – both in trying to keep up my steps each day, and also to find the time to write about it in my blog.

The last couple of days have been an enormous slog.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to try and fit in the walking I need to do in order to meet the 10,000 step target each day for my Global Corporate Challenge.  I’m finding that I’m having to walk around the house and run on the spot, waggle my arms around or do just about anything to keep the pulse device counting.

There are now 4 members of our 7 person team updating their steps on the GCC website.  This makes me feel a bit happier to think that at least some of my team are now taking it seriously, and that it’s not just me doing it.

There is a mini-challenge over the next 3 days where the team have to record 100,000 steps collectively.  I have a photoshoot planned for the next 2 days, which means that I won’t get much chance to walk.  I’m hoping to do a few steps around the studio while makeup and hair are being done, but I doubt I’ll get anywhere near my 10,000 target.  I certainly don’t feel that I can make a good contribution to the 100,000 target over the next 2 days.  Perhaps Saturday will be the day when I can make a difference.  If only there were more hours in each day!


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